Started off this week trying to finish off my work from the previous one, whereas I was making some progress, it wasn’t fast enough and I couldn’t see myself being capable of finishing things off before the deadline, that being, the client meeting.

I had managed to set up the search functionality eventually while at home through the use of a CakePHP plugin, but once I had checked in the morning, I saw that Dr. Shawn had already implemented it himself along with the audit log and a few other features, I took this chance to look into the added code and learn a few things myself from it, so that it would come in handy in the future.

With that being done, I continued work on setting up the user interface for certain features along with fixing a few bugs along the way, eventually, I had to once again, seek Dr. Shawn’s support to get things done as the meeting with the client was on the upcoming day (Thursday), and there were still a few features which I was incapable of implementing in accordance to the requirements.

After the meeting I had a set of several new tasks and changes to work on, I had already implemented some of those by the end of the week and hopefully wouldn’t face much trouble with them during the upcoming week.

Overall, I feel like I have reached my limits as to what I am capable of doing based on this weeks work, from which I had to rely on Dr. Shawn to be able to get things done, and I have him to thank for that.


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