This week didn’t start off well, mainly due to the incomplete tasks from last week, which are proving to be pretty troublesome at this point. The biggest issue was due to the meeting with the client being on Monday, and thus presenting them with a project which isn’t functioning properly wasn’t something to look forward to. I would have liked joining in the meeting if that was possible, being a software engineering student.

Later on during the week I received the list of responses from the client regarding the questions which I had set up last week, I immediately started work on the list, implementing them starting with the simplest ones first, eventually my progress started slowing down by the end of the week. Hopefully, I can manage to go through everything by the upcoming week.

The use of the CakePHP framework so far has been a pleasant experience, although I am still not completely used to it, I can definitely see how powerful frameworks are, with this being the very first time I am working with one.


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