This week I continued on with my task from last week, that being, dealing with the web applications functionality and capabilities. I made quick progress at the start of the week until eventually I started facing trouble with two of the functionalities, from which in both cases the details were not being displayed as intend.

Unfortunately, I ended up spending the rest of the week, and up until now trying to work things out. Main issue being that they were both logical errors as such, I was unable to pinpoint the cause of the problem with ease.

I have tried out changing the code and the relations between the database tables, in an attempt to fix things, eventually, I managed to get one of them functioning only to end up facing another problem with how the information was being displayed on the screen, but at least, it is functioning and hopefully I will not have to rework on the code to fix the new issue.

This leaves me with one more problem, or at least I hope it is only one. The thing is, it’s not a matter of it being hard to figure out the solution, it’s most likely too simple, it’s a matter of me not knowing how to deal with it. I will have to figure this out in any way possible as soon as I can so I can move on with my next task.


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