This week I managed to finish the wolfssl_tcpip code. In the new code, the whole process is carried out in 1 function. In this function, 2 sockets are opened for the 2 possible type of connections; HTTP & HTTPS (with or without SSL). The program then just waits and checks for a connection (a HTTP/HTTPS request). After a valid request is received by the server, in the case of HTTPS it will then move to negotiation step and it is followed by receiving and transmitting data. In the case of HTTP, the only difference is that it will not go through the negotiation step.

I also started on the next stage of my task, which involves reading the HTTPS requests and perform certain tasks depending on the request. This code is written for the PIC32MX started kit, since the next stage of my project involves an FPGA I had to migrate the code to our prototype board. I successfully managed to migrate the code to the other board and tested it. The code is now able to distinguish different HTTPS requests. 

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