This week when I tried to open the project, I faced a number of errors. This was caused because we have upgraded the systems at our office and the new version of Kicad could not recognize most of the libraries and models in the project. In order to fix this, I added all the libraries again from the Library Wizard. In the new version, it is no longer possible to add all the libraries at the same time, they have to be added one by one. Same goes to the models. The other significant difference is that some of the features such as differential pairs and length matching, only work in OpenGL mode. Therefore, it is necessary to have the latest version of OpenGL to use these features.

FATAL: LF would be replaced by CRLF in <some file in the repository>

I faced this error while trying to add some new files to git. There are a few ways you fix this. Either by converting the files online or just converting them separately before adding them to git.

Routing & Component Placement

The component placement is very important since it makes all the difference in routing. Smart placement of component can save you a lot of time in routing. The method I chose is to place the components based on the fixed pins on them for example, the RMII or the USB connection in PIC32. Placement of decoupling capacitors is also important since the sole purpose of them is to reduce the inductance created by the return loop. Therefore, having them far from the components will defeat their purpose. In our design, they are either placed exactly next to their associated pin or directly behind it.

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