This week I spend most of my time assigning the footprints to each component and repositioning all the components on the board so that all the newly added digital ports can fit in nicely and be accessible. There are a total of 78 digital pins and 12 analogue pins available on this board. I also encountered an error (“IO_Error: maximum line length exceeded”) this is because the maximum line length should be less than 99 characters and sometimes when an external library is imported, the lines can be exceeding maximum line length. Thus, the error. The file is very much readable so the best solution is to go through the file and see what library/model is causing the problem, removing that library from the library manager will solve the problem. However, you will no longer be able to use that library. I was having problems with some of the logo models so I just removed them for now, redrawing the models and importing it again is one possible way to avoid the line length error.

Component placement

This is a typical 4 layer PCB, signal – ground – power – signal. The FPGA , ethernet jack, USB and LEDs are located at the top layer while all the other components are at the bottom. That makes the routing on the top layer more challenging, as all the tracks are visible.

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