This week I proceeded to test the firmware created by the previous interns. The first thing I needed to do was replicate their result. One thing I realised from this is not to remove the board support package in the harmony configurator, as it turns out to be important in the tcp ip stack initialization.

I first tried the pic32blink test, which for me does not actually blink but toggles the led that indicates that the driver is busy with a previous system level operation and cannot start another, (according to the help_harmony_v0_70b.pdf, remarks on tcpipStat == SYS_STATUS_BUSY). The primary code creates a webpage, but the ip address is not discoverable using tcpip_discoverer.jar. The Phy test on the other hand does not generate a webpage, but using wireshark you can see that it initiates some of the ssl protocols.

On the usb part of the project, I tried migrating the hid keyboard codes from the pic32mx ethernet starter kit to the actual board. In this case the board support package is also important, but using the bsp for the pic32mz instead of the pic32mx. My computer detects a usb keyboard when using the actual board, but does almost nothing aside from scrambling up my computer keys. (Using the ethernet starter kit the code prints out a string).

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