Started off my first week as an intern here at AESTE. Before coming here I had less than 2 weeks to study my pre-internship materials, as I had applied here late. First week involved studying using Git and also trying to understand the pre-internship study materials that I was given. Among some of the interesting things I learned was that in C coding, typedef can be used to create a fake type, which seems really useful. Confusing bit were pointers and structs, which were a bit different from what I had learned in C++.

Started experimenting with the pic32 ethernet starter kit on Thursday, immediately got stuck trying to create a new project (every location that I browsed for seem to be an invalid location for creating my project). Dr Shawn was able to settle the problem quite quickly. After that, once connection was established, I tried to upload a demo code to test the pic, but the compiler doesn’t seem to recognize many of the libraries. Still trying to solve this problem.


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