If you used Wt, you should be aware of the  session timeout set in wt_config.xml. I think this ‘feature’ requires more explanation on it rather than

When a session remains inactive for this amount of time, it is cleaned up

After experimenting much with the timeout, it does not work as expected. And to summarize on the behavior, it is unreliable. The session timeout never  triggers on time if the browser is closed. It is actually explained in detail by Koen in one of the forum posts.

the server does not actively dispose of sessions, it piggy-backs this check with a new incoming browser request.

Anyway, the reason I’m fussing about the session timeout is because I’m relying on it to perform an update on the storage backend. I placed in the WApplication destructor a function that curls the WResource of the server. It works, but again, it’s not perfect.


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