This week, new task had been given, which is to design a testing circuitry for the new board that arrived!

Wiki Documentation

Most of the time I spent is to write the wiki of the project that I had been working for months. Surprisingly I found that some of the wiki that had been done previously was incomplete, and I have to edit them.

Then the task continue to write the wiki using markdown language which is pretty straightforward.

Code Debugging

So my colleague Jeunn Hao and Alex came back from their break, and the testing of the software continues. It is difficult to trace the problem that only happens in Jeunn Hao’s machine while the problem does not exists in my machine. Thus, we did many comparison on the error logs and the configuration to find out the problem. Debugging for hours, and the problem source is the configuration file… It is happy to know that the problem is solved, but it is sad to realize that the problem is due to different configuration that we used.

Since configuration is really a headache when each of us is using a different file, so we came up with a conclusion to use the same on by placing the configuration file in the approot of the Wt application directory.


The task continues as I worked on the bash file generation of the synthesis, which can be used to generate testing bitstream file for the board that just arrived, provided the HDL file and the UCF constraint file. By next week, I shall finish the testing file once my colleague Alex provide me the necessary pinout information.


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