This week has been spent mainly on documentation of the previous work that had been done.

Simplify Code

Documenting the code is reminding myself on why do I write it in the way at the first place. Some of the code often comes with unused variable and function where they could be deleted.

Thus, I try to clean up most of the code and simplify some code if possible. Also, I helped on documenting those code that has not been documented by previous intern previously, correct their usage on Doxygen and etc.

The Undeclared Specifier

Well, it is also quite some time since I use Doxygen for documentation. I was curious that how does the previous intern actually show the documentation of their member without access specifier in C++ class. Doxygen just does not show it at all. After I searched around, I found from this link that any member without access specifier is automatically has private access by default.

Therefore, simply adding protected/private access specifier before this code will make them to appear in the Doxygen generated file.


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