This week I finish drawing my PCB design for a new board using Spartan 6 TQFP packaging and PIC32MZ. Also added a bluetooth module (HC-05) onto the new board.

In comparison most of the component’s footprint for this new board is exactly the same with the previous board, only this time I decided to make some changes on the capacitors’ footprint.  For Spartan 6 – 144pin only requires 4.7μF and 0.47μF capacitor value. And from ‘table 2-2 of ug393‘ stated that these capacitor value can have a body size of 0802 for 4.7μF while 0402 for 0.47μF, however these body size can be smaller than the recommended size. Therefore I decided to have all these capacitor fixed on 0402 footprint size, which is smaller and easier to be place/arrange on the PCB board.


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