Working on Wt::Auth and Wt::Dbo library for the past few weeks have given me another glimpse into a few of the many functionalities built into Wt. This time it wasn’t as simple as just using the member functions that were provided. The problem with using a library in general is that it won’t fulfill all your requirements. In Wt::Auth::AuthWidget specifically, there is a default login view model which some people would not prefer. So, what’s left to do is to extend the functions and modify them to your own taste.

It was quite fun working with the AuthWidget. I have omitted the password authentication and instead use fully oAuth login (Google/Facebook). The login template is changed as well by modifying the messageResourceBundle. Instead of a WImage storing the authentication link, it is now a WPushButton, and I am able to insert in Bootstrap social buttons.

Now that the user session is built correctly, my next step would be to create and store database objects for the user.


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