So…….it seems I am back in Aeste 😅😅😅

My task is to continue the part that was done halfway (PCB board). I started the week by first double check my schematic design then match with the PCB design to find any flaw/weird connection. And of course the first week of work (Déjà vu) I was given a piece of one’s mind for connecting several FPGA’s pin to analog side of the board. As a matter of fact FPGA (Spartan 6) does not come with any analog capability, therefore the particular connection was basically a nonsense. So I have to quickly resolve this issue by having PIC32’s analog pin connected to the analog pin of the board.

Next I learn how to differentiate between SMD (surface-mount device) 0603 and 0402 capacitor packaging. Generally both have their advantage and disadvantage, so the issue would be for the designer to decide; to use a smaller packaging size (save space) will go with 0402, smaller cap also have smaller inductance compare to 0603 cap. But 0603 is easier to solder on the board (hand assembly). Therefore theoretically 0402 should be slightly advantages, but after some PCB board comparison I realize most Microchip Technology product (evaluation board) uses 0603 cap, I would assume it is just a personal preference.

This week, I also had to redesign my board to use TQFP/QFP for FPGA chip, since most of the PCB fabrication company in Malaysia does not provide BGA assembling =/


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