Now, I must admit, time is really flying by; as they say in tales, almost in the blink of an eye. I am left with two more weeks and a lot more worth of work. Dr Shawn has been around the whole week and I believe, during this time, I had the most progress. It is not the fear or the push rather the clarification my doubts and instant feedback that I get on my work direction, flow and progress. It really helps steer my efforts to where absolutely necessary.

I have a fully functional User Interface with three very basic functions. But I did not reach this stage instantly. First of all, I had mistaken the UI to be design with CSS but instead it was to use bootstrap, a CSS framework well incorporated within witty (Wt) making it quite easy to use. I had been struggling with bootstrap for the older functions as it was causing more errors while running the rest of the project. Eventually I realised I was missing the links to the resources, which Dr Shawn helped me figure out.

Initially my user interface had large buttons with texts in the center of the dashboard but they were not complying with modern aesthetics and usability concept of minimalistic; I had to minimize user actions in terms of clicks and reading. My first attempt was to iconize the Create, Edit and Delete button but it was still not very efficient either. So I have been asked to make the interface as such there are even lesser clicks required to do the above mentioned operations. And I have just this week to do so.

Meanwhile I had been working on the backend operation in order to delete files, something which was not working all along. I had to ensure all the functions were successfully retrieving and using the access_tokens as without that bit of data, the server cannot connect the call to any user’s files. I have also managed to retrieve and store user’s account information into a JSON file. All the operations were also redirecting to a new page instead of handling the call withing the dashboard. This was solved by replacing the WLink for each WResource with a Http::Client which instead called for certain request methods as per directed by Dropbox API.

This was quite an eventful week, all the interns were taken out for an inspiring movie on its release date but by the end of  the day, we were exasperated to find the contradiction with reality. And I had my academic supervisor visit the office. She seemed quite content about my work here.

Unlike the beginning, I have a clear idea of my project, a grip of what I am doing, what lies ahead of me and what I need to do to accomplish it all. Iterating what I had said before, right now, time is the only constraint. One last week for completing my part of the project. Now that I feel that I have gained control over the concept, see a completely clear picture, my time is slipping out of my hands. It is just unfortunate.


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