This week, I spent a while studying more about stringstream and boostsystem in order to be able to work on separating the upload and download feature into independent WResources to ensure that it can be called by other projects when required i.e. comprise of individual entrypoints. I made a step by step check-list of how I would want to proceed with the separation as all of them which had already been under the same WApplication. Retrieving the access_token was the priority in both (upload and download) cases, I attempted with creating WApplications for each with little luck, So I eventually referred to other projects to understand the use of stringstream better and successfully separated the BackEnd of file uploading/downloading feature.

Among many other enhancements was that not only the downloaded file be read but also the body of the file be retrieved and saved locally for the user. Alongside the enhancement, since my upload/download feature started working, Dr Shawn asked me to continue with building a basic UI interface for project management which would allow users to create, update and delete projects initiated by a user log in followed by a storage linking authentication. This led me to study several modern website designs, learn how recent-day simplistics website consider minimum design and sketch out the outline of the user interface (UI) concept in my head.

For the User Interface, a clear knowledge of css is required. I will be working with external css files rather than internal or just preferably create my own depending on how much my ideas can be portrayed by built-in templates.

I would also have to make the deletion as such that the metadara of the project is only removed while renaming (updating) would be tracked by means of the UUID. As all of these are inter-related, I will be working on the project management simultaneously with every smaller feature. As time is passing, every day is like a ticking clock heading towards its end. I take this as a challenge to finish all I am supposed to before my time runs out.


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