The struggle is real. As mentioned before, considering the fact that Dropbox is only created to support Javascript, Python, Ruby, HTTP etc. So there is faint hope of these being anything similar to what I am working on- witty, a library of C++. So their documentations are quite irrelevant to my case. Since the basic concept is the same, I have been using the HTTP documentation for reference.

Initially in the week, I was struggling to grasp the idea of which part of handling the files and how it would fit my project fit it. I was also attempting to list the files for users to select. But Dr Shawn, although not being here, explained, how my project will just be a intermediary/proxy for other projects and Dropbox server while my project handles the saving, updating, deleting etc alongside managing of the projects.

Since I realised I would only have to one file per project, creating WPushbuttons for each project would be rather appropriate.
Once I added the upload and download Http::Client and path as described by Dropbox API, the requests were being sent through but it would return with status 404 which from Dropbox means The file wasn’t found at the specified path, or wasn’t found at the specified rev(which is a parameter). So I believe, there is missing parameter to be sent along or url being sent has to be in slightly different order. I believe it would work as this is exactly the way the app is authorized and is able to retrieve access_tokens.

About the saving and updating feature, I would have to work through another project’s saving feature. So I will be working on multiple projects simultaneously. Speaking of which, as informed by Dr Shawn, Alex needs to create a library for my project to incorporate and authorize users to enable them to use the physical board.

From where I stand, I can see everything coming together and how it is all needed to function as a whole. Even for every part of my project, it needs all of the components to be functioning to be appropriately tested. I am just so close to getting my files uploading/downloading work…just so close.


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