Hi everyone, I’ve just started my work as an Intern Engineer in AESTE and today marks the fourth day which I have spent in this company. For the next 15 weeks (if I’m still an intern here), I will fill up this blog with my weekly personal experiences and learning outcomes. I was tasked with learning a great deal of C++, C, HTML Javascript and some computer architecture basics, which I did not finish. My boss was disappointed and so was I. Frankly, he is right about me being lazy, as I could’ve done better. Well, hopefully by the end of this internship I can contribute something of value to the company.

My first week in AESTE passed by quite quickly. I got to know other interns working in AESTE for the past four months and we exchanged on many things, ranging from the work environment and also the projects that they are working on. It was quite amazing to witness their projects and the amount of knowledge they have learnt through this internship. Gosh, they set the standard so high I hope I can measure up to them.

With the help of my colleagues, especially Peter (sorry that you sit beside me), I was able to learn the basics of GIT in creating project folders. I got to experiment GIT together with another intern, Alex, which helped me understand more on the power of the tool in managing the files in a shared project folder. With GIT, nothing is ever lost. Programmers can always track the changes made to a file or even pull out old files which were created long ago. It’s like a time machine for programmers.

I was tasked with learning about RISC-V (an open-Source ISA). I was amazed that using RISC-V, one can actually emulate a working linux system in web. I am extremely grateful that Peter is willing to impart the things that he has learnt after months of studying and research. I hope to be able to grasp the whole picture of computer architecture as soon so that I can start contributing to the team.

Well, that’s all for me. I look forward to face the challenges I will encounter next week.



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