This is my first week of internship in Aeste Works (M) Sdn. Bhd. I have been always thinking of internship is a good starting point for individual who does not plan further for their future yet, as it could give us the exposure to the industry that we are looking for.

The internship started with the learning of the powerful source code management tool, Git. After learning Git for 2 days, I manage to familiarize with the Git tool and able to see the power of Git when we actually changed to another commit, such as the files just changed automatically! However, the power of Git does not limit to that, but is when a group of developer is sharing on using a same Git, everyone can work on different branch and later merge together. This make code development more systematic as we no longer need to copy and paste the file (the traditional way) to share/modify source code with each other.

After the Git, I had been assigned to learn about the web application Framework Wt (or Witty). Witty uses the language C++ for code implementation. This is a brilliant way of developing as the developer does not need to learn deep knowledge about the web language such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, but only using widgets and calling the class and functions from Witty. At first, I was confused with the Witty example alone, the code does not explain very well for C++ newbie like me. However, for the whole week, I had been playing around with the example from Witty Gallery as well as from Witty, and discussed my doubt with my 2 senior colleagues : Sumia and Islam. I began to understand the code better and able to play with the GUIs. While playing with the GUI, I found that Witty has functions that able to link CSS file for styling the web application. At the moment, I realize that Witty was written very well as it actually take the inheritance advantage of C++ for the API. Besides, I also able to understand the convenience of Witty in developing web application, such as developing maintainable applications and extensive library of built-in widgets.

At the end of the week, I started to learn about the Witty resources (non-GUI) which comes very handy due to my insufficient knowledge about the Internet and web. After reading more about HTTP, I found that WResource is an interesting feature as it actually do the communication between server and client (browser). For the following week, I should be able to create my own WResource application that able to demonstrate my understanding about the WResource and HTTP library.


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