We are currently trying to develop a simple web application to generate, revoke and renew self-signed certificate.The challenge i have been assign is to design a better user experience to smoothen the process of certificates. The figure bellow shows the rough sketch of the user experience when processing certificates.
first, user will have to log in to the web application with a valid user name and password. THen user will be able to log in to the main page which will display the list of certificate added with the renew, revoke and add new fuctions. user can then select the desired function and proceed with the process. I have tried to create the form for generating a certificate.
this is the certificate generation form. The datarequired to entered is only the client’s email and the expiry date of the certificate. This provides a wide range of periods to be entered. The period of the certificate will be calculated using the expiry date entered and the currentserverdate(). the datevalidation of this form is still incomplete. Other information required to generate a certificate will be fixed on the command line since this application is apply to Aeste only.
The information required to renew a crtificate and revoke a certificate is still unclear to me because there is very few information about the execution of renewal and revokation of certificate.

data input by the user must be transfered to the resources in the server to generate a certificate for the client. 1st I have to learn how to use wt:http client and WServer to get this done. I find it rather difficult to understand the concept of Wt: http Client. I am currently experimenting on WServer and try to replace WRun with WServer. but it is clear that i do not grasp the fundemental concept of these two class and required more practice and studies to master it. In brief, http Client is a class that provide a session of input and output by the client to the server using http protocol. Wserver fuction like a WRun but it can support multiple Application entry point and adding resources to it.

Next week I will be focusing on http Client and WServer. At the same time i will try to find out the execution code for renewal and revocation of certificate.


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