This week is one which is solely focused on Witty and it has been a rather interesting one because it is the one that I started realizing the great power that it comes with. I would still say that my understanding of it is just a mere scratch as the library that it has is just so huge.

The GUI part of Witty is rather complete as it practically comes with every function that is needed online and luckily it could be combined with CSS as I do find it tedious and also untidy to add style using to the widget using Witty.

I do find the Resource feature Witty a rather powerful one and I think it will be a feature which I will be using very frequently in my coming project provided by my supervisor to make a certificate system which is of a better GUI and specifically the WFileResource feature. This feature allows us to access stored local files will be the main way for us to access the stored certificate profile.

There are still some challenge which I face while learning Witty that are the concepts of implementing Http in Witty. Due to the size of the library, there is still so much more to learn from the Wt examples in prepared in the website.

I do hope to start the certification project next week as I do want to start building some real application.

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