THe progress of learning Witty this week is very slow, i merely scratch the surface of the entire Witty framework. What i did in this week was mainly exploring the widget in Witty and the concept of http request and response.

I did not go through every single widget in detail. I spend most of my time figuring out the WResource code. It is a target for the HTTP request and it allow us to upload file to the server and download it. So far i was able to upload a text file or image file ad download it again. Im still struggling to upload multiple file into one resources.

Besides that, I have also explored the library of WFormModel and WTemplateFormView for constructing a form with validation function. The WFormModel are the core and structure for the whole form which include different field for user to input data and validators to validate the data posted.The WTemplateFormView is the template of the model presanted to the user.

I have also studied the Table and tree example in the Witty homepage. The coding of inputing data in the example are very tedious. I wonder if the data in the namespace  can be imported to the table using Witty.

Summing up, I did have progress in understanding Witty GUI but the back end structure of Witty is still a mystery to me. I will study and understand the concept of HTTP request and response so that I can have a better picture of the underlying structure of Witty.


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