Witty is a very large library that consist of different specific function a good web application will need. In this week I tested some of the function and try to create very simple function, like an application form of sorts.
The structure of code in Witty is very different from HTML. It utilises container and widget to construct the whole web application. Containers will contain individual widget and are set to a specific layout thus creating a web application.
The problem that I faced using Witty is the limited study material and examples. The explanation of the Witty code is incomplete and I have a hard time understanding the concept of Witty.
The other problem that I faced is the coding of Image Anchor Widget. I faced the problem displaying the image of the anchor from a local URL using the WLink . The WLink however can display images using the web URL.
In this week i will be focusing my study on validation widget, uploading file and navigation feature of Witty.


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