This first week of internship in AESTE has been a unique experience as I am already being prepared to do some real application. Firstly , learning Wt does comes with its own perks and also downsides.

It is a relatively new web toolkit with its stable release only last year and therefore has quite a low amount of resources which could be learnt from. The only current known place to learn it is through the website and probably a few rare Youtube videos about Wt. I am currently still trying to learn it and trying to apply this toolkit into making a proper webpage ie the Facebook main page.

Regarding Git, I find it a very well established platform to commit or plan programming with programmers with the people around the world. I would also say that it is actually not hard to be grasped by beginners and even if you do have difficulty there are already plenty of websites and videos being posted online dedicated to ease the process of learning Git.

The culture being practiced in AESTE is a rather unique one as the interns here are being entrusted with real and challenging tasks and are also given the the freedom to complete their by their own means. These tasks are designed to push anyone who are working to their maximum potential. I would be very willing to recommend undergraduates whose course which are related to this field to come and do their internship here.



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