By today, I have finished my first week at AESTE Works (M) Sdn Bhd. My name is Islam Abdalla and I’ve finished my third year in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, studying electrical and electronic engineering. Before starting here, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The interview were somewhat technical, and the website did not reveal much regarding what is happening inside this organization.

In my first week, as every intern, I had to learn the tools used here in AESTE in order to be productive. This tools were mainly Git and Github. Many interns has already wrote in this blog about these two tools and what are they used for here, therefore, I will be focusing on the other tools that we (me and Sumia, another intern here) were introduced to, but didn’t have the opportunity to explore them. After Dr Shawn has explained to us the project that we will be working on, we then had to learn more tools and libraries that we will be using heavily. These includes Wt (pronounced witty), CodeMirror and Joint JS. Our part in the project will be more on the non-Gui part of Wt, and in order to explore this, we found out that we need to learn more regarding HTTP request. Regular Expressions are also important for our part.

In the next week, me and Sumia, will be going in depth to explore and learn more about the aforementioned tools. For Joint JS, however, we need to explore it to learn if it suitable for our project or not.

It is said that the any organization culture is affected and resembles its founder personality. That’s couldn’t be more true in AESTE. Dr Shawn tan, my supervisor, is very oriented in achieving and delivering a high standard products, and that is exactly what he expects from us as interns (and employees).

I hope that I enjoy my internship here, but I know that I have an experience that I cannot find in any other organization.


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