The journey of the 8 months internship has just begun in this week. The first day I had a warm welcoming and introduction of the project that I am assigned to. This moment was really priceless, because I really had been waiting for it for a long time. The project was both impressing and challenging at the same time and required a broad knowledge as well. So from the first day I hit the ground running and Dr. Shawn introduced me to the materials and the tools that I really have to understand deeply before start working on the project , therefore I directly started learning GIT. GIT is really a strong tool for software programmers. I learned how to create my own repository and how to mark and save files in that repository. GIT allows programmers to save their progress in coding as versions and they can simply and easily jump from one version to another by using simple commands, so it’s really a great tool for you to use if you are doing software projects.
Here’s a useful tutorial website for you to get started with GIT:

             After learning GIT, I started directly to explore Wt (or Witty). Wt is a C++ library that is used for developing web application.
Honestly, at the beginning I was doubting the capability of Wt , I was really unable to see what Wt could really do or why it’s different from other libraries and tools. But the picture started to become clearer and clearer as I progress learning it. In this week I focused mainly on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) capability of Wt . It was really interesting how simply you can create  forms and building different web applications using C++ classes.

            My plans for next week is to start working on the (non-GUI) part of  Witty  and to understand how Witty communicates with servers using HTTP requests.

Thanks for reading 😀 & Always keep me in your prayers! 😀


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