This is my last post for the entire internship that I had gone through in AESTE Works. To sum up the work for this week, I did the cleanup and pushing to Github. The porting of FreeRTOS to the latest AEMB2 was not yet complete, but most of the relative issues had been identified and fixed.  The interrupt mechanism used during critical regions might not be useful and maybe the next person to take over from me can think of a better way to change it.

The important task for this week is to detail and arrange each commits. No work is done of the modification of FreeRTOS port. I rearranged the commits so that the previous commits for C++ are set above the FreeRTOS porting commits. So, the next person to take charge of this project, please note this.

Finally, I have a few impressions that I would like to voice out in this post. The 10 weeks internship I had was fruitful and challenging at the same time. Many things I learned in University is applied but still not enough. The knowledge from University were just basics but this internship took them to the next level. Not only that, engineering skills were trained inside me during this internship. For future interns, I recommend getting a start in Github and some basics relative to the project given before the start of your internship.

Best of luck to AESTE Works and everyone.

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