Witty on OpenShift

We are considering deploying Witty applications on OpenShift. In theory, it should be possible to do it but it’s still necessary to test things out. There are some unanswered questions on how such a deployment might work. This blog entry was very useful in getting things deployed on a DIY Read more…

By Shawn, ago

Verilator Explained

As part of my efforts to create “perfect” test benches I am to make sure the test benches work when compiled with different simulators. This approach is to expose language errors and any bugs in one of the simulators. Hence, I’ve tried to compile my test bench with Verilator and the process wasn’t Read more…


Testing like a Pro

We are now using XCFE in Aeste, probably because it’s supposed to be a “light” desktop environment. However, I didn’t fancy it’s looks and absence of keyboard shortcuts similar to Ubuntu. Hence I took some time to make my desktop environment usable and setup some keyboard shortcuts. You can find Read more…