After tuns and tuns of reading, my supervisor gave me  the green light to start working on my part , the web Interface. in this week, My main task was to implement the Ace editore using C++ webtool kit into the editor web page . With the help of  webtool kit and ace documents, I managed to finish this task the very first day! However all my problems started at that point.

The next step was to manage to get the code written by the user to the server, I had no idea how to approach. In normal web designing it would only take 6 code lines in Javascript and one more in PHP. However, those are not the options I had in hand, but rather I had to figure how to do the same thing in C++ and Webtootl kit. At the end and after very stressing two days, I found an article in one of the forms talking about JSignals objects and their functionality. It took me another day to figure the right implementation of those objects.

After I finished, I had to add some improvements to the codes. The first version was requiring the user to submit the code written manually be clicking a button. I automated that, so in the current  version whenever the user changes the code it will be sent back to the server for processing. Another improvement, is to only send the parts of the code that the user changed, rather than the whole code. I couldn’t finish this part by the end of the week, so I was told to delay for later days, and work in new project.


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