this week was quite an interesting one I got familiar with my work place. I made some new friends with whom I shared a meal or two together. As for my studies I read through the Webtool Kit tutorials and references , and I managed to code my first project using WT kit.

My project is a simple form that takes the user data ,and prompt him/her to send a message to the customer service of our company. At first, I was trying to build an entire instruction in which the user data and message would be stored in a database. However, I was not able to create the database as I don’t have that privilege on the local system, beside I was only required to build a simple web page that shows the WT kit is working properly on my station. At the end of the day, I only managed to write a form that takes the name ,email and a message of the client and write them in to a text file.

Webtool Kit is a genius C++ library , which introduces a whole new approach in web developing. while the traditional tools for web programming such as php or asp lead the developer to focus on web pages elements and layout, Webtool Kit has all of that done in the back ground. The developer will be more engaged in to the essential functionalities of the project, while web tool kits takes care of a side matters such as different browsers requirements,  events handling, and ajax protocoles. In this way the resulting project would be , more accessible and suppourted by different browsers , more interactive with the user, and most importantly more secured and harder to penetrate it.

This what makes this library perfect for designing  high performance web applications which are , fully Ajax enabled and yet entirely accessible and Search Engine Optimized. Which are the exact requirements of the project on hand

Thank you for reading, and till next week ;

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