This is my last week at Aeste. I’m glad that I managed to complete the task assigned to me! Basically, this week is all about wrapping up all my works. I continued working on my sphinx documentation although there were not many things to add because I’ve put everything that I deem useful and essential to the documentation last week. This week I’ve been re-reading my documentation for any potential grammar or technical mistakes. Apart from improving my documentation, I corrected some errors in my doxygen-compatible comments. Because I have nothing much left to do, I gave some tips to a fellow intern in implementing doxygen-compatible comments for her project.

Here is the summary of my summer internship at Aeste:

  • Thorough research on remoteproc framework
  • Developed and tested a simple dummy remoteproc driver on an x86 linux virtual machine.
  • Developed a complementary character driver for the dummy remoteproc driver
  • Adapted the driver for Raspberry Pi
  • Designed and programmed a simple 32 bits gpio bus for the Raspberry Pi’s remoteproc driver
  • Created a small userspace application to emulate a remote processor in order to test out the remoteproc driver
  • Documented my project for future development

Overall, I had a very good time at Aeste and learned tons of stuffs! Something that I would have not expected from a Malaysian company. I often hear my friends doing nothing during their internship in Malaysian companies, but here, I get to do real job. This company is truly for someone who has passion in embdded systems and computer engineering, and I would recommend it to whomever interested in improving their skills in this domain. But remember, my supervisor always says “You are not here to learn, but you are here to work”.

I would like to wish “bonne continuation” to everyone in Aeste and thanks for everything! Till we meet again…

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