Here I am, finishing my 12th week at Aeste, doing documentation for my project. There is not much to tell this week because the only thing that I’ve been doing this is just documentation. For the documentation, my supervisor asked me to use Sphinx. Sphinx was initially developed for documenting python project, but then has evolved to support other programming languages as well. If you still can’t imagine what does it do, just imagine it as a wiki page. Every wiki page has the same form because there is an engine that builds the wiki page. What an author needs to do is to write a document in a certain format, and then let the wiki engine generate the page.

For a first timer, it is a bit confusing to use. But after reading through the official documents, I managed to do an okay-rated documentation in my opinion. The reason I said an okay-looking documentation is because I’m pretty sure there are many advanced techniques that can make the document nicer to read. As for the diagrams, I used gimp to draw simple objects and wavedrom to create the timing diagrams for the gpio custom bus. Wavedrom is very easy to use and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create timing diagrams without having to go through a long tutorial! You can check it out here:

Currently, I’m at about 80-90% to the completion of my document and am looking forward to have it ready very soon!


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