Here come the final week of my internship. After I have done my code checking and debugging for Load and Store instruction implemented earlier, I started to work on my main task of the week that is to implement IMM instruction in pipelining. This task actually wasn’t heavy but was a little tricky on its implementation. I was quite confused while trying to figure out the exact data flow of my codes with the IMM instruction implemented. Luckily my supervisor is patience enough to check and point out my mistakes in coding and further explain the data flow to me. After get it done, time for code checking and debugging. Type B addition or subtraction syntax in assembler is edited with a immediate more than 16 bits. Eventually the codes are working right after some manual calculation done.

My task on writing an ISS consider done. However it is just a basic functional simulator. To make it more perfect, there are more instructions and details yet to be implement.

No doubt I have gained a lot in terms of knowledge (duh), experiences and also friendship. I’m here wishing all my colleagues good luck in future and I definitely will miss the time we work and laugh together. Hope we will meet again in future.

Till then, stay gold.

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