That’s RIGHT! I am the daring kid who asked for a medical leave on my first day of work! As an advice to all other interns or future-interns, never do what I have done! Despite of all the terrible things happening on my first day, I did carry on my internship and unbelievably, I have survived the first week. Basically, the first week was more about learning and understanding tools that will greatly assist me in implementing my tasks during the internship. Git was the first tool that I have to learn. It is a source code management system that is widely used by engineers and software programmers when coding. After going through the lab exercises, I understood how to use Git and got a clearer image on how it actually works. Git Flow was amazing too as it provides excellent command lines which, I believe, will make my life easier. I have spent about 2-3 days on Git and then, started on C tutorials for the rest of the week. Unlike Git, C programming is more familiar to me as I have learnt it in my First year. Thus, going through these tutorials enabled me to have a better understanding on this subject and at the same time, refresh my memory on how to code in C. Another interesting thing that I have learnt was how to use the Terminal Emulator, like opening a text editor, making, compiling and executing a C program, which I have never thought of previously.

My next task will be writing a GPIO driver. Although I still have no idea how to do it, but I am sure that I will be able to do it and am looking forward to it!

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