Dream big they say! Dare to step out of your comfort zone. These are what I have been repeating to myself weeks before entering Aeste for my 3 months internship. From the moment I had my phone interview, I have the feeling that my coming “journey” is not going to be an easy one but I guess nothing come easy though if we really wanted to archive something in return . And so, I bringing almost 0 knowledge in engineering and started my 1st week in Aeste.

The first task given to me is to study Git software using LINUX operating system. Git is a rather useful source code management system for keeping track of software development. Tutorial and video demo link is provided and thus the process of self-learning began. I must say that self-learning process is not an easy task for local university student like me as we are so used to Malaysian’s spoon-feeding education system.

However, fortunately, I still manage to seek help from my supervisor and colleagues when I puzzled at some terms in the tutorial. They are kind enough to teach me. Basically the tutorial is very complete with all kind of practice from creating a new repositories to fetching, pulling and pushing changes committed in files to even sharing repositories on web. I admitted I am a slow learner and thus I took 3 days to get all tutorials done.

Different from others who get their hands on C programming, my second task of the week is to refresh my memory on Java programming. The reason behind is because Java is the only programming language I learn in school. Thus my supervisor’s opinion is that it is better for me to practice on something I familiar with rather than spending more time learning and figuring out new programming language. There is also a plus point where my coming task-program a functional simulator assembler can be done in either C++ or in Java.

I’ll be continue on the Java programming tutorials the following week as I still have my exam going on that week itself. Knowing myself is lacking far behind everyone else and note to self I need to put in double effort comparing others. I know I gonna be proud to myself if in the end of my internship I manage to achieve what textbook never teaches me in school.

Till then, I will press on.

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