My first week at AESTE, I was introduced to something that I have never used before which was the new operating system of Ubuntu. Being a complete tyro at it, I was a little puzzled at how this operating system works. I was required to learn about the GIT software which was very useful in the management of source files. Thankfully, a link to the tutorial was given and it greatly helped me in familiarising myself with the new OS.

From the tutorial, I learnt to use the GIT by learning the basics of modifying the files, staging it and committing it. Should any unwanted changes be committed, we can always revert them using a specific command. After that, I learnt to transfer data to external repositories such as the GitHub. To access the repository in GitHub, we must first add the SSH key to it. Using the other link that was given, I learnt more about the GIT in moving files, deleting files as well as the GIT flow.

Subsequently, my second task was to program the PIC18f8722 to get the LED blinking as well as the UART working. I managed to get the easy task done which was getting the LED blinking but as I am relatively new at using the MPLAB IDE, I struggled to come up with a code that will get the UART working. Despite researching extensively online, I just had no idea what the proper coding was to do that. In the end, my supervisor got it done for me and I got a very harsh scolding which got me to realise that my current level of knowledge and skill was simply not good enough.

After which he sent me a link to learn more and help me refresh on my super rusty C programming. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute more next week, which I need to get the computer to read and write into the SD card using the PIC18f8722.

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