This lab was really annoying in terms of things that didn’t want to work

  1. When trying to export hardware for SDK in PlanAhead error shows

    [Common 17-49] Internal Data Exception: xps application failed

    SDK requires gmake, we can solve it by simple linking:

    cd /usr/bin
    sudo ln -s make gmake

  2. After adding Board Support Package in SDK, it is automatically build. While compiling, error shows

    /bin/sh: 1: arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc: not found

    Reinstalling the package like described on this page helps but… you can still get errors during installation.

    Installer was made for bash shell, while default shell for Ubuntu 12.04 is dash. It needs to be changed manually to bash.

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash

  3. While creating a run configuration elf file, in STDIO connection tab, there is no way to choose correct serial port.

    SDK seems to not detect properly usb devices while running on linux. To overcome this issue, simply use other program to setup serial connection like minicom.

    If you are really stubborn and want to have it in SDK press the blue button on the panel of the lower window called “New terminal connection in current view” and you will be able to write name of the usb device explicitly (/dev/ttyACM0) instead of choosing from the menu. Baud rate should be set to 115200 and the rest of the settings as they are by default.


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