As a part of my training I was to play a little bit with the Zedboard development kit from Digilent. Unfortunately, running all of the provided by Xilinx tools (ISE 14.4) on linux (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS here) can be sometimes problematic. I will try to list all the issues I encountered while going through these tutorials as well as their solutions. Proposed solutions are not something new, I didn’t came up with them, this series of posts serves only as a compilation, hoping that it will prove useful to someone. For better organization each post will refer to only one lab (with the same number). Let us start then:

  1. When starting PlanAhead notification appears

    A disk write failure occurred. There may be insufficient disk space or you may not have write permission at the following directory. /opt/Xilinx/14.4/ISE_DS/.xinstall

    Without root permissions there is nothing much to do about it, just press cancel and don’t worry about it.

  2. In PlanAhead, after creating and adding new embedded source XPS opens with error that license is missing.

    Unless you are really missing a Webpack license ignore this message, everything should work just fine. This is a known bug and even Xilinx recommends this solution.


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