Last week, I was given the opportunity to explore several programs that I needed to use for my upcoming project. These were GIT, Icarus, GTK waveform viewer and finally ISE. I learnt how to store and manipulate files from a repository through GIT. I would recommend GIT to anyone who is interested in software programming. With GIT, you will be able to work on many aspects of a program and merge them when you need to. You could even store them on a virtual repository through a website called github.

My mentor Shawn Tan also encouraged us to design a counter in Verilog HDL and implement it on a circuit board. I was assigned an Atlys by Xilinx. Initially i had used my computer programming knowledge and logic to design a circuit as verilog reminded me of the software programming i did in the past. However, Shawn reminded me that they were very different in nature. My first attempt was not very good as i could not even describe the circuit that I had programmed.

I started all over again. This time, I drew my circuit first. I worked through first writing the counter and the clock delay. I then wrote a top module that instantiates both the counter and the clock delay. This worked well and I was able to implement it on the board. My week ended on friday and I am looking forward for this week where I will start reading on IO devices.


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