One week has passed since I started my career in AESTE. The only thing I can do was learning. There are so many things I need to learn before I can start my task. The list below is what I have learned in last week.

  • Git + Github
    Git is a distributed revision control system. It provides a set of workflow for multiple developers work on same project. The modification can be done on local PC, then push (upload) to remote server. Github is a place for developers to share their work. Developers can push their work to the Github server and let the others pull (download) it. Therefore, everyone can access the project at anytime and anywhere.
  • Eclipse + GCC
    Eclipse is a open-source software development tool with integrated development environment(IDE). Although it is design for Java, but it still can use with other language compiler, such as gcc.
  • Gschem and PCB
    The former is a schematic editor and latter is a PCB design tool. The schematic files can be converted to ‘rats’ lines and footprints in PCB by using gsch2pcb. They are all under a same open-source project now, called gEDA (GPL Electronic Design Automation).
  • FreeRTOS
    It is a open-source real-time operating system (RTOS) and commonly used in embedded system. It provides a set of API to make the embedded system become a multi-tasking system. It supports co-operative, pre-emptive or hybrid configuration.
  • AEMB
    It is a open-Source processor core design by my supervisor. The software architecture is binary compatible with MicroBlaze.
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