In AESTE, every task is done in Linux. I am not a Linux user before and to get my job run smoothly, I need to learn it as soon as possible.

It is very different to work under Linux platform compared to Microsoft Windows, especially in the ways to install software. Linux can get a bunch of software from the software center or using the apt-get command (different distros use different command).

For expert users, they can perform most of the tasks with Terminal + Internet. GUIs may slow down their speed and hide some important information. However, some software must be used with GUI, eg. EDA, CAD and graphics editing software.

All software in AESTE are Open-Source Software (OSS). In contrast to Windows, the EDA I used to design was Altium, C compiler was Microsoft Visual C++. In Linux, it does not have software called Altium and VC++. They are replace by gEDA and Eclipse (GCC). Sure, they are OSS and new to me.

There must be some advantage to using OSS. Some of it are listed below.

  • It is free (to download and distribute).
  • It is distributed in source code form(It is different with free software.
  • It is developed in public (by a team of smart people).
  • The fix time of bugs is fast, if compare to commercial software.

From these points, OSS is great for computer geeks and programmers. They don’t need to be concerned with the license problem when modifying the software to fit their work.


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