I am a fresh graduate with Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from Multimedia University Cyberjaya. I found my passion in electronics hardware and programming when I was in secondary school.

During that period, my teacher taught me to write a simple program – sending data from PC, and receiving it with a 8051 (via RS232). I was very excited when I saw the system worked well since it was done by me!

During my university life, I have participated in ABU Robocon Malaysia. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about electronics hardware and programming. After graduation, I want to continue with hard/software development job.

At the end, I found AESTE.

Yesterday was my first day to work in AESTE. Now, I am the first full-time employee in this company. My supervisor told me that a few people worked here as interns before. Since my internship was spent doing trivial jobs (key in data and paper work) in a big company. Therefore, in my opinion, they are very lucky to work in AESTE.

My boss gave me a brief overview of the company’s core product. I was quite shocked. It is a novel idea although it is still at the design stage. However, i can confirm with you – there are not a lot of companies in Malaysia that can make it happen. It is very interesting and challenging to design the product.

In general, AESTE is a nice place for freaks who likes to play with electronics stuff and programming.


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