I’m a final year student from Multimedia University (MMU), currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronics. As for my first post in AESTE’s blog, I’m sharing my experiences on job application to AESTE, and the work progress thus far.

The job application to AESTE involved two stages. The first stage is answering screening questions in Google Doc, which covered areas in Processor Architecture, Software Programming, FPGA/ASIC Design, Computer Networking and Web Development. Following this was the phone interview by my supervisor, where I was asked to introduce myself, discuss the project involved, and he also threw me some technical questions. The phone interview took about 30 min, and at the end of our phone conversation, he accepted me.

On the first day of reporting duty, my supervisor briefed me on the company’s road map. The company’s flagship is AEMB, which is an embedded microprocessor core, with the following features:

  • Small and fast
  • Multi-threaded
  • Open-source
  • Parameterisable
  • Mature

After the briefing, I’m given one week to chose a project to work on. During the first week, I’ve studied on the processor architecture, did some research for FreeRTOS, uClinux, uC/OS-II and last but not least, getting familiarized with Git. On top of that, Sam and Loong were very kind to explain and demo their work to me, and their explanation enhanced my understanding of the overall projects.

Time flies and one week has past, I’ve decided to work on μClinux, a fork of the Linux kernel for embedded systems without a memory management unit. The size of source code for μClinux is about 1.5 GB after extraction from a bzip2 tar file. Since this is the very first time I’m dealing with such huge codes and considering my limited knowledge in linux kernel, I hope that my supervisor will provide me some guidelines as I progress in my work.


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