Clustering Icarus Verilog

Icarus Verilog is a popular open-source digital circuit simulator distributed as part of gEDA. While it is a fast simulator, it runs largely single-threaded and does not exploit the modern developments in computing. Depending on the complexity of the circuit Read more…

By Shawn, ago

Simulating FreeRTOS

In this post, I will explain to you how the simulation of the FreeRTOS kernel was accomplished for AEMB processor. The second phase of porting FreeRTOS for AEMB according to the project plan is simulating the compiled and linked FreeRTOS Read more…

By oiasam, ago

Power Debugging

This EETimes article has a good overview on how to do power-debugging. At AESTE, we are working on something similar but for a slightly more sinistre purpose. However, looking at something like this is extremely encouraging as we know that Read more…

By Shawn, ago