On top of filling the registration slip with the participant and registration details, a QR code is added too. This code will be generated using the qrencode library and the png library. These registration slips are then sent to the provided emails.

Templates are used to render the contents of the registration slips as well as the email body. When change is detected in an order document in the database and its status is found out to be “completed”, we can retrieve the appropriate template document pertaining to that tenant. If the document is not found, we can fall back to using the existing template documents in the hard drive. Otherwise if the template documents are found, its attachments are used to render the template for the registration slips and email body. Below is a sample of a registration slip created with this program.

Later on, after all the entry documents are generated, the export program will be run. Entry documents were created when order documents have their status become “completed”. The export program will export information from the entry documents into a spreadsheet.

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