Having deployed the main application previously I had been struggling to get the Admin system up and running but after receiving some help setting up the DataProvider and AuthProvider I was finally able to get in on the action and get some work done.

React Admin is a great tool for creating Administrative systems primarily because of all the builtin functionality that it supports out of the box. Once you have your authorization and networking protocols setup you can start adding resources that allow you to perform basic CRUD operations on your backend based on your specific Database Schema.

The resources themselves by default allow you to view and edit data, and even perform complex functionality like create a back link through a provided reference element to fetch and display nested data, with relative ease. You also have the option to create your own elements and add customization to existing elements.

A question that was highlighted to me this week often times was to ask myself whether any possible feature addition would bring value to the user or not and if so, whether it would be worth investing additional time and energy as the developer to add that feature in. Keeping this consideration in mind I was able to think things through a bit better because the importance of the why can often times be overlooked by the how.

Having the Admin system nearly ready I hope to finish it up in its entirety by the start of this coming week so I can get back to development on my main project to work on the Android App and utilize Cordova’s camera Plugin to add in the additional functionality of QR code Scanning for further automation of the competition system.


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