There are many joys in life that bring meaning to the frustration that precedes them. Joys like the sweet relief of seeing actual running code. This week, as that little introduction might have implied, went smoothly, perhaps the universe’s way of making up for last week.

It was my third week at Aeste, and it started with me implementing the ideas and research that were the results of the preceding week. I started building the server application up in accordance with Dr. Shawn’s instructions; retrieving data, processing them, and sending the results by email. All of this was easily possible with the aid of the library Poco, which turned a complex task such as building HTTP servers to little snippets of code. I still can’t get over how easy send and receiving HTTP requests is under this library.

While the server coding was progressing smoothly, training the ML models continued in the background. New pictures were added for the purpose of reducing the false positives that plagued the previous models, which showed great improvement, However, simultaneously slowed down the process of training.

Lastly, no week is complete in Aeste without a bit of research, as Dr. Shawn always says: “coding is only a tiny portion of a project, the rest is research.”. This week I researched ways to improve detection by means of image processing coming at some interesting results that I can’t wait to implement next week. Furthermore, I start initial research on another prospective project, coming with positive outcomes.

Overall this week is going into the happy section of my diary.

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