Time runs faster in Aeste, between learning how to use new tools, reading documentation of new libraries, and the seemingly endless process of research that proceeds every step you’re taking in a project, it’s often hard to catch up with time. My second week in here wasn’t very different than the first, that overwhelming set of emotions that accompany having to do things for the first time did not leave my side. I frankly expected to get accustomed to the work by now, but I don’t seem to run out of new learning material, something that I am happy and overwhelmed by at the same time.

 While the week started mundane with me testing new ML models, tweeking things here and there and comparing the results, tasks soon started to pile up. Starting first with getting familiar with CouchDB, a new concept to databases that in all honesty boggled my mind at first, especially that my only contact with databases was with SQL which seemed so dim in comparison. Replication seemed like on of these ideas that makes you think “why didn’t I think of this before.”.

 Next up was the C++ set of libraries, Poco, which revealed to me the great power that C++ possesses. Using the libraries I was expected to start working on the server application for the app, a task that I took lightly at first only for its specter to come haunting me a short while later, with the amount of code that my mind could not even understand at first. Coming back from work on Friday with that stone in my chest was an awful experience that I am glad I overcame. 

There are two sides to learning, and this week I was not on its good one. Nonetheless, I am still incredibly grateful that this week took place, as somethings cannot be learned with ease. Plus, I will never trade that “AHA!” moment at end of every seemingly undo-able task for anything.


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