This week was spent entirely on debugging and testing to ensure that the final interface would be as seamless and optimal as possible.

While writing my code I had overlooked some finer details with regards to how the data would change between interfaces when going from one role to another and this created some pitfalls that had to be addressed as in such cases my previous code would display glitchy results to the user.

Another mistake that I had to rectify was that of inconsistency in my user experience. In my interfaces I have utilized a plethora of dialog boxes as warnings and confirmations but these dialog boxes were previously all unique. Dr. Shawn explained to me that standardization of all such boxes needs to be maintained, otherwise the user might find navigation through the application jarring. Hence, I had to redo the dialog boxes to follow the same layout and structure.

Towards the end of the week I managed to get Electron up and running and successfully tested it out on Windows and Linux, on both of which it performed as expected.

This coming week I shall be testing out Electron on Mac OS and make the build version distribution ready by producing a downloadable file that can allow our client to access the application as any native desktop app.


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