This last week has been quite hectic and busy. With August 15th just around the corner I have had to speed things up quite a lot and any spare time I used to have previously is missing from my daily routine these days.

With the migration to Vue Router and Vuex complete I finalized the functionality for all three of my first interfaces and built basic security protocols to act as substitute navigation guards when browsing across different web pages without authorization.

I still have the fourth User Interface left to be finalized before I can use Electron to build Desktop Applications for the Web project and carry out necessary testing to ensure the desktop application works as smoothly as the Website itself. We have decided to put the Cordova Mobile Applications on hold to prioritize the Electron Desktop Applications for the time being.

As it is already quite last minute I am working overtime to ensure I am able to develop the final product into the best version of itself before it can be rolled out to the client. I hope this same time next week I can write good news in my weekly blog report to inform about my progress so far.


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